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Styled By Sacco is a boutique run by a family of FIVE girls! From oldest to youngest there is Rachel, Shelby, Sophia, Bella and Lily. We also have a younger brother, Luciano. We grew up working and hanging out at our Grandma’s boutique that sold women’s clothing, prom dresses, formal wear, jewelry and make up. We loved every minute we spent there, trying on different outfits for hours and attending wholesale conventions with our Grandma, helping her pick out clothing. Our Grandma just closed her boutique a few years ago and that’s when we all decided we needed one of our own! We have dreamt about opening this online boutique since we were little and are so excited it is finally coming to life.

Growing up with a 5 girls was a little crazy at times but also meant we ALWAYS had something to wear, no matter what the occasion. We bonded over sharing clothing and being able to pretty much “shop” in each other’s closets, and could really have a whole new style each day depending on who’s closet we took from that day. Fashion has always been a way our family bonded and we have always been in love with the idea of styling each other and now others! This store is mainly run by Shelby, Sophia, and Bella Sacco but with the help and style from the other siblings as well. We hope you love our clothing and feel like shopping with us is like shopping in your sister’s closet. Thank you for supporting our family’s dreams and goals.

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